Application procedure

The PhD in Biotechnology lasts for 4 years / 8 semesters (240 ECTS), and the application is always open.

Applications are evaluated by ESB Scientific Board.  
The following documents are required:
  • Filled application form (see online application)
  • CV including reference to published papers or other works
  • Copy of the identification number
  • Copy of the VAT number
  • Authenticated copy of the official academic transcript of all candidate’s degrees
  • Other documents that support the information given in candidate’s CV
  • Provisional plan of the research work, including: the scientific basis detail, the methodology and predictable goals and proposed supervisor or supervisors (*)
  • Declaration of acceptance by the supervisor or supervisors (*)
  • Other elements that the candidate considers relevant for the assessment of his/her application
Candidate’s Diploma needs to be authenticated by:
  • the Portuguese Consulate/Embassy in the country of home University; or
  • The Hague Apostille (applies to the countries that have joined the Hague Convention).
(*) If you are interested to start a PhD programme and need help in identifying the project and supervisor, please contact:
Prof. Cristina L.M. Silva (coordinator of 3rd cycle degrees at ESB)
Phone: +351 22 5580058 (ext: 1258)