The 2nd Mediterranean Legume Innovation Network event will focus on “Consumer Transition: to more-sustainable legume-based diets” and will take place on July 9th 2019, in Porto, Portugal.

Jointly organized by the Faculty of Biotechnology at Universidade Católica Portuguesa and EUREST (https://www.eurest.pt/), this networking event aims to bring together all stakeholders interested in the emerging topic of short supply chains and sustainable diets.

As a special focus, the program is designed to share experiences and results, as well as obtain valuable input on how the Mediterranean diet and legumes may play a crucial role in promoting more environmentally-friendly and healthy diets, and the role that consumers, citizens, public bodies, policy agencies, and industry innovation may have in shaping the way we voluntarily or involuntarily make better food choices on a daily basis.

Topics will include issues relating to Nutrition, Product development, Marketing trends and Consumer Science, as well as evidence based data on the important role of legumes on the promotion of human health.

In addition, a Legume Fair will take place during coffee breaks and lunch, allowing participants to browse legume information, purchase locally grown legumes, and Network with a series of actors that are actively working in these topics.  

If you want a unique opportunity to be a part of this impacting event, register now, since spots are limited.

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