CBQF recebeu bolsas doutorais INPhINIT da Fundação "la Caixa"

The ‘la Caixa’ Doctoral INPhINIT Fellowship programme is accepting applications until the 4th of February 2020.  It aims to support outstanding researchers, of any nationality, by offering an attractive and competitive environment for development of their PhD work. CBQF-ESB/UCP  is one of the selected host institutions, with 8 research projects available within the Incoming call.

The Incoming Call will support 35 PhD students who have resided for less than 12 months in the last 3 years in the country in which they wish to carry out their research in several disciplines: life sciences and health, experimental sciences, physics, chemistry and mathematics - including biotechnology, plant and food sciences and engineering.

In Portugal candidates can apply to selected projects within research units rated Excellent by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, such as the CBQF-ESB/UCP research unit. Scholarships are also available for selected research centres in Spain. Candidates of all nationalities can apply to these three-year fellowships.

See below the CBQF-ESB/UCP projects available for incoming applicants:

  1. TOFOO: An integrative approach TOwards resilient FOOd production systems in the context of climate change. Prof. Marta Wilton Vasconcelos, Plant Biotechnology and Sustainability Lab (PlanTech Lab). For more information visit this description.
  2. On the quest to reduce the burden of Listeria monocytogenes and listeriosis: tackling hypervirulent strains. Prof. Paula Teixeira, Food Microbiology Lab. For more information visit this description.
  3. Microbial metabolites: exploring the potential of gut microbiota modulation as a means for amelioration of Alzheimer’s disease Prof. Maria Manuela Estevez Pintado, Bioactives and Bioproducts Research Lab. For more information visit this description.
  4. Intelligence Platform Web-service for Checking Wounds Progression in Real-Time, Prof. Pedro Miguel de Luís Rodrigues, Biobased and Biomedical Products Group. For more information visit this description.
  5. Impact of Solar Cooking on Food’s Safety and Quality – A Predictive Quality Tool. Prof. Cristina Luisa Miranda Silva, Food Processing and Engineering Lab. For more information visit this description.
  6. Fitness trackers in clinically relevant environmental bacteria (FIT). Prof. Celia Manaia, Bacterial Ecology Lab. For more information visit this description.
  7. EPS_ReGrow - The role of EPS REcovered from waste granular sludge on plant GROWth promoting traits in a wastewater circular economy framework. Prof. Paula Maria Lima e Castro, Environmental Biotechnology and Resources Lab. For more information visit this description.
  8. Biomimetic silk-based skin substitutes for wound healing and regeneration. Prof. Ana Leite de Almeida Monteiro de Oliveira, Biomaterials and Biomedical Technology Lab. For more information visit this description.

Our projects leaders will be happy to answer any questions you may have.